Why a Business Plan is Important

You might think it’s theoretical crap but ask any successful business owners from Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Richard Branson down they will all mention these key components. Apply them to your business and you should make more money.

Step One: Business Plan

It doesn’t need to be fancy, complex or long but you do need one. Take the time to review your current one or draft one if you don’t currently have one documented.

A business plan does three main things. It makes you analyse where you are now, it makes you think about where you want to get to and it makes you put together a list of how to get there. Simple. Why wouldn’t you have one?

There are many free business plan templates available on the internet and we are happy to share one we have developed for free email us from our website.

We even developed a ten minute business plan template, so you can’t say you haven’t got time to do that.

Even if you think you don’t know how to write a business plan our template works by asking you questions rather than expecting you to write a detailed, complex business plan all on your own.

Make a start today, as a famous little man once said the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.