What Does Your Client Really Want?

The first thing I learnt in Sales training was… never assume. It makes an A** out of U & ME.

But so many times I see business owners and managers assuming they know what their client wants. The same ol’ same ol’.

Your client may not even know what they don’t know!

Sustainable profits and ongoing business growth come from one source, perceived value – in the CLIENTS eyes. Sooner or later if you aren’t providing value in your product or service, they will vote with their feet. Clients need to continue to perceive your product or service as something valuable to them. You must have a point of difference over your competitors, be it price, service or benefits.

Product and service offerings change with time, technology brings advancements in products and services. If you don’t embrace these and continue to improve your value offering to your client, rest assured -your competitors will!

Business owners should never stop asking the question, what does my client really want?