SME’s – Always Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

SME business owners are, by definition, the busiest people in the world (next to working mums). So often they are are working in their business as chief cook and bottle washer, head of marketing, HR advisor, it’s all tough to fit into a single day and keep an eye on the “big picture”.

Two key points:

1. Always, always, always make time at some point during the working week to sit back in your chair, look out the window and day dream about where the business should be if everything was perfect. Then quickly note down any of the great ideas that pop into your head as to improvements or changes that you can make to achieve this. The key is you must make time to think about the big picture direction – literally.

2. Remove or minimise the time wasters – actions or especially people. Just get rid of the actions – delegate if you can (perhaps outsource) or streamline the action if you can’t. As for timewaster people – That guy in the business who always seems to be a half an hour behind your ideas or action plan –  just get rid of him. Only corporates can afford to hide poor performers… not SME’s. It might seem harsh but let’s face it, it’s a jungle out there and this is one of the key laws of the jungle, only the smart and fast survive.