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Marketing Tips to Defy the Quiet New Year Period 

We regularly discuss our clients marketing with marketing and advertising agencies. They frequently comment that many businesses do not address the basic marketing “rules” and so are essentially wasting their marketing spend. So what are the basic rules? Here are some basic tips we have learnt from the top agencies we have been in contact with.

 The basic rules: Know what you are selling

Can you say in ten words or less what you sell ? If not, you need to be able to otherwise your potential clients won’t “get” it. This is often referred to as “the elevator speech” or what you would tell someone you sell in the time it takes to ride an elevator to their floor – and get them interested! Can you do do this?

Know who you are selling to

Who uses your product or service is not necessarily who buys or pays for it. Demographics are very very important. For example men’s underwear isn’t always purchased by men, often it is purchased by women as a gift. The marketing message to each could be vastly different and using a different medium. Who really “buys” your products?

Understand why they are buying your product or service 

Do you understand why people buy your products or service? Underneath it all there is normally a human emotion driving the purchase decision. These are normally fear, greed, envy, desire or necessity. What drives your customers could also determine what you say and how you communicate your marketing message.

Understand what mode of communication is best to contact your potential clients 

TV, Radio, Web, Social Media, Viral Marketing? Different “generations” use different modes to communicate, trying to sell products aimed at Gen X customers via newspaper advertising might not be the best spend of marketing dollars.

 The biggest mistake business owners make in doing their own marketing? 

They fail to look at their marketing from their clients point of view. What you think is great may be turning your potential clients off!

Solution: Simply hire a good reputable, reliable agency with a great portfolio. Sure it might cost you more than doing ti yourself, but the benefits, we believe, will outweigh the costs.

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Scott Lyall

CEO of Avegna

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