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Friday, 7 September 2012

Be As Smart As The CEO Of Any Multinational Corporation

What is the difference between most small business owners and the CEO of any given multinational corporation?

The CEO of the multinational corporation (MNC) knows all the key statistics and facts about their business. They know where they are making money and where they are not. They know what their overheads are and what their real wages costs are. They know intimately what is going on in their business.

Do you have a few major clients who make up most of your sales? How much money do you really make from those clients?  How much money do you make from those small clients who make up the rest of your sales but take up lots of your time and energy? May be you can decrease sales but make more money?

Do you want to know where you are and are not making money in your business?

Do you want to be able make decisions and change your business for the better?

Do you want to get better financial information about your business so that you really understand what is happening in your business?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you need to find the answer by starting with the financial system you are using in your business.

Do you use your system every day? Do you know your way round the system intimately? Is your system easy to use?

You need to be using your business financial system everyday, you need to be very familiar with how to use it and get the information you want and need instantly and you need to be able to do it easily.

It’s simple, if you don’t know how to use the system and you can’t get the information you need change the system and get an easy to use system. CEOs of MNC’s have all this information at their finger tips and so should you.

Here is an article we wrote previously on one system that we use and recommend to small and medium size businesses.

Avegna assists business owners with implementing and utilising these and other tools for improving performance. For information on how we can help you and your businesscontact us now.
Scott Lyall
CEO of Avegna

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