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How to Get the Most from Your Accountant 

A lot of business owners wished their accountant could assist them with the forward looking financial management rather then concentrating on last year’s tax bill. Most traditional accountants don’t do this. Would you agree? But then it’s not really what they should do for you, it would cost too much. So most business owners do (or don’t) manage the day to day finances themselves. Is this smart? What small business owners need is a part time company accountant or part time financial controller who works in your business. But that’s expensive as well isn’t it? No it’s not. Here’s how.

Most Businesses Don’t have Company Accountants 

About ninety percent (yes 90%) of businesses in Australia have less than twenty employees and probably don’t have a full time accounts person let alone a qualified accountant in the business. This means the business owner is most often the person to take care of the financial management including cashflow management, processing the weekly payroll and chasing customers for money. Is this what you do in your business? It probably is!

How Hard is Financial Management for Non-Accountants 

Most business owners are not accountants. Most non accountants manage finances by how much money is in the bank. But this can get you into trouble if you don’t plan for things such as tax payments or even the next payroll. Then, before you know it, the business can get into serious financial trouble with suppliers, banks and the ATO.

But in reality businesses like this only need an accountant helping them for an hour or two during the month looking at these items just to make sure the cashflow is being looked at or the gross profit percentage is not being “discounted away” just to get sales. Most business owners think it will cost the earth. But will it? No!

Consider A Cheaper Alternative 

Avegna assist business owners like you with managing your business finances. Our accountants work with businesses like yours from as little as a few hours a month to ensure you can sleep easier without worrying about about your finances.We do it cheaper than most traditional accountants because we come to you and therefore our overheads are less saving you money. Our team have “hands on” real world experience running the finances for businesses like yours.

You can Implement Financial Controls in Your Business 

It is actually easier than you think to manage the finances of your business strategically. With some very basic financial controls you can run your business finances as if you were an accountant. Avegna regularly present a free seminar showing you how to do this, for more information on our next seminar email us

Avegna offer a free, no obligation initial consultation for more information please contact us on

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Scott Lyall

CEO of Avegna

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